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Songpremiere beim Deaf Forever...

From Below


On March 27th internationally, Dying Victims Productions will release Crypt Dagger’s From Below mini-album on 12” vinyl format. And today, Deaf Forever magazine's website reveals the new track "Devastation." Hear Crypt Dagger's "Devastation" in its entirety exclusively

Like a brightly burning star, Crypt Dagger burst into the night at the dawn of 2019. A two-song rehearsal introduced their boisterous, belligerent ways before the four-song Tales of Torment EP followed. Here, the full rapacious nature of Crypt Dagger revealed itself with rudeness and crudeness: filth-banging, black-as-pitch SPEED METAL with a heavy debt to punk, as well as such surprising influences as Devo, The Mummies, and early B-52s. And it was only the start!

Tracklisting for Crypt Dagger's From Below
1. The God Fukk You
2. Six Horned Pervertor
3. Death to All
4. Rape from the Grave
5. The Cruel Reign
6. Devastation
7. Blood for the Crypt Dagger
8. 54/40 or Fight [Dead Moon cover]


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