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Datum: 13.02.2020
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..Video online!



KARG, project of the Harakiri for the sky vocalist, released a new video.


Produced & directed by Oliver König (responsible for videos of Firtan, Imperium Dekadenz &Sun of the Sleepless) and Michael Winiecki

Taken from the album „Traktat“. To be released on february 7 via AOP Records…



Quote J.J.

„This song may be my own private autumn. It feels beautiful, yet everything is dying…”



 KARG was founded back in the summer of 2006 as a one-man project by HARAKRI FOR THE SKY vocalist J.J., offering a furious and original mixture of Atmospheric Black Metal, Post Rock, Grunge, Shoegaze and Post Punk. The influences from other genres than Black Metal evolved more and more within the last few years but were there in abridged form since day one. Lyrically KARG always was about the more melancholic side of life, such as broken relationships, lost love, estrangement, drug abuse, loss or suicide thoughts and depression. In contrast to many other bands KARG’s lyrics are as equal important than its music is.




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